Currently Available Wetland Products

Wetland Tractor
Salt Marsh Hay

We have good 100% Salt Marsh Hay for sale at the right price this "the harvest of salt marsh hay is tide and weather dependent so please call ahead". The salt marsh hay is good quality and can be used for many purpose but landscaper's are the main use of this.

Our Salt Marsh Hay is sold at wholesale price's and sold by the bail plus sometimes we do have to adjust with a reasonable delivery charge. We can make delivery of up to 25 bales at a time in our pickup truck or we can deliver 100 bales in our hay wagon. Most of our wholesale clients have our salt marsh hay delivered but we do allow smaller quanties but these must be pickup at our location in Rowley Ma. Our deliverly area is from cape cod to southern nh and southen eastern maine.

Grass Seedlings
Wetland Plants

Our Wetland Greenhouse is being used as a plant Nursery to grow saltmarsh plants. These plants are being used to restore our coastal wetlands.

Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass) is just one of the many types of plants that we grow in our greenhouse. We grow Spartina alterniflora from seedlings and in containers such as peat pots for several months until they are large enough for transplanting and transporting to the wetland site.

Bare rooted stock can also be obtained from natural stands or growing culms from plants grown in our flooded nurseries.

Please call for a price quote on any of our wetland plants.